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Nemicon lines up over 2,000 rotary encoder types. We keep developping high specification type of rotary encoder for advanced and better solution than ever.
Nemicon encoder is working everywhare in the application such as CNC machine tools, Industrial Equipment , Medical Equipment and etc. whose techinical solution is sensing rotating position for motion control.
We show some of application example.

Application Example


Many of elevators use rotary encoder coupled with its rotating axis to sense position and speed of rotation and its accellation & decellation controlling the passenger cage cabin. Also another encoder sense those motion categories for door control electric motor.

CNC Machine Tools

Rotary encoder is used for sensing linear and rotating position. Due to the function, rotary encoder is used in CNC machine tools for its positioning. Also, manual rotary encoder , manual pulser, is used to give positioning data for motion of macining and printing.

Electric Motor

Servo motor is the most sofisticated application of rtary encoder. Rotary encoder is couppled with motor shaft to sense motion data such as position and speed. Servo motor system consists of three devices of motor, driver amplifire and rorary encoder. The system contribute to three servo control categories such as position control, speed contraol and torque control. The driver amplifire monitors motor’s motion always and command the motion of motor by calculating difference between command and real position by controlling mass of electric current.

Medical Equipment (CT Scaner)

A rotary encoder is ise equipped to CT scaner bed to sense its posion and it help the system to detect price posion of bed travelling motion. Also rotary encoder is used in Gantry WorkHead for inspecting.

Testing Equipment (Microscope)

Rotary encoder is used in electronic micro scopefor its focusing zoom lense. Also a manual encoder is used to position forcusing block of microscope.

Printing Machine

Rotary encoder is used I priting machin to synchronize mtion of carrige and platen.

Money Handling Machine (ATM)

Rotary encoder help sorting type of money note as well as counting mony coin by measuring its stacked thickness.


Rotary encoder is use in marine radar to index a target’s angular position when it is sweeping round in 360 mechanica angle.

SMT machine

Rotary encoder is used to detect holizontality of PCB board and width of PCB board.

Surveillance camera

A large survaillance came ra can shoot 3km distance spot. Rotary encoder support good spotting in long range shooting by camera.