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  • Quality and Environmental Activities

We think quality is essential for business to get customer’s trust. Also our management policy is always to be environmental friendly operation if manugfacturing is Shirakawa city.

ISO14000 Environmental compliance policy

We seek for harmony to earth environment and nature. We are managing it acooding to ISO14000 category.

1.Environmental activity

We strive for saving energy consumption for our operating business. We try to reduce ammount of industrial waste for reducing load to nature.We are exposed to audit of ISO management policy regularly.

2.Corporate responsibility

We are very positive to comply with the related regulation and own procedure for being friendly to environment.

3.Educate our company employee

We educate our employee about environmental management and its requirement. That will motivate the employee to be positive to proceed environmental management.

How we care environment in our business

To use RoHS complied materials including lead free
We performed converting our material into RoHS complied type of material for our product. We can support our customers who intend to use RoHS complied rotary encoder.

How we improve quality of product

Our answer to this question is ISO9001 qualified in 1996. We perform Plan-Do-Check-Action kind of process circular in process of Production, R&D, Sales and Administration. Also we use CE mark for our rotary encoder supported by TUV Lineland and EMC marks.

Quality Management Policy

“Quality is Management itself” is our basic philosophy of business operation as shown in below.

Customer’s satisfaction is our reason for the business. We effort to present high valued and best fit solution to demand.
We proceed business along with compliance requirement and keep improving our performance of quality management.

<Activity Policy>
1.We pursue high performance product with high reliability.
2.We provide higly value added product timely when market demand that.
3.We challenge to creativity for solution

Quality Goal

1.Quality improvement

(1) Top priority “complaint” from customers
(2) Speed improvements and prevent recurrence withen the process

2.Delivery improvement

(1) Planning and production to satisfy the customer delivery time
(2) Procurement to achieve the planned production

3.Cost improvement

(1) Early production of the new product
(2) Loss cost reduction

4.Consciousness improvement

(1) Information-sharing
(2) Sensitive to market information