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Encoder is a device which encodes rotating motion. Nemicon Corporation is a leading manufacture of the solution and provide viriety of Encoder which realize concept of High Accuracy, High Reliable, Low Cost for Solution and miniaturization. We are confident to provide the best solution for what customers are looking for. Our long experience of encoder business in industrial solution segment can provide customers of CNC machine tools at operating pannel, Industrial Equipments and Medical Equipment the best encoder solution. Our business atitude has been always customer oriented minded. Thus, we are very active to realize customization per customers’ special requirement.

Encoder Line up

Incremental Encoder
From ultra-small to large, we have prepared the easy rich output form and resolution select, and we have been active under a wide range, all-round environment.
Absolute Encoder
To achieve high resolution, strengthening the allowable load to shaft, and has realized the high IP. Featuring optical engine sofisticated and accurate.
Manual Encoder(Pulse Generator)
We provide economical product with a prastic box type.Comfortable size for hand. Our technology will support by the operating accuracy of microns.

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