• About us

Nemicon is the Top Brand of the Rotary Encoder.

Our rotary encoder, due to its unique and precise manufacturing technology, high-performance, high precision, and to achieve low-cost, has been used in a wide range of fields of society. Elevator of the skyscraper, precision processing machine accuracy of nano-micron is required, industrial robot responsible for factory automation, such as medical equipment that keep the life of the people, things that move and rotate, everywhere in incorporating our state-of-the-art our encoder has been used.

Since our foundation in 1969 , the spirit of the original that “the pursuit of high quality leading to the world” has motivated us to supply encoders that correspond to customers demand with quick delivery and the best quality as a leading encoder manufacturer. In the future, along with social progressing, demand for advanced rotational position control is more and more required. We will do effort to develop further research and we will continue to challenge the technological innovation. It is our dream and task that our rotary encoder is used all over the world and sustain progressing of society and happiness of people by vurture of our rotary encoder solution.