• Encoder FAQ

Introducing the frequently asked questions about the encoder.


The outer shape of the encoder is what primary use is because it is attached to the motor, was determined from the motor outer diameter.
φ18 is φ20 (or □ 20), φ38 is that φ40 (or □ 40).
Because it is possible to correspond to various sizes by the customer’s applications, please contact our sales With regard to the special size.
It depends on the output form of the encoder.
In our catalog of output form symbol, in the voltage output type of Nil, up to 5 m
An open collector type of C symbols, up to 10 meters
In complementary type of T symbol, length 50 m
In line driver type of D symbol, up to 100 meters becomes a standard.
If you are extending the cable, so you may be affected by noise by the customer’s environment, Always use a shielded cable when it is extended, please adopt a thick cable as much as possible. In addition, the shield wire of the shielded cable, you will be connected to a low-impedance location (such as ground) and will be less susceptible to the influence of noise.
In our catalog of output form symbol, thing complementary output of the T symbol is equal.
By the presence or absence of the protection circuit, because there is a difference in the output voltage and the response time, please contact our sales office for more information.

Incremental Encoder

From the origin position, it is possible to confirm the presence or absence of missing pulses by counting the number of pulses to the next home position.
Also, if you know the speed of rotation of the encoder, you can see the missing pulse by measuring the width of the pulse.
Cause to miscount There are several possible.
First, miscount occurs when are idling between the shaft and the driving side of the encoder shaft.
If this is the case, there is a feature that a large amount of miscount in irregular occurs.
Then, it may miss count due to the effects of noise and the like.
This is also irregular, but if you miss the count of the order of a few pulse is generated, the influence of the noise will be considered.
As long as it with Z-phase in incremental encoder, you can positioning of origin. In order to adjust the counting position and the position of the origin of the encoder, the origin position is A, B, please use a combination of the logic of the Z-phase.

Absolute Encoder

Single-turn absolute is to divide the range which the shaft of the encoder is rotated 1, it shows the first data and the one lap.
Thus, I do not know how many rotation. Multi-turn absolute is, it counts how axis of the encoder is what rotation.
In addition, multi-turn absolute, it has the ability to also rotate the shaft to count in the power failure state.
It does not mean to be limited to the absolute encoder, how to read the data to read the time at which the output signal level switches: the (static), how to read the data at a certain timing (dynamic) There is.
Detection accuracy is more of a static method is excellent, but it is possible to equalize the accuracy by shortening the period also read by the dynamic method.
If less maximum speed during power outages written in the specification, data of the rotational speed will follow.
It is not possible to reset the data of the single-turn absolute.
In the receiving side, it will be in the same state as any of the data “0” Tosureba was reset.
Multi-rotation data of multi-turn absolute is, can be reset by inputting a reset signal.
In the two-way communication type (our company made ASE, ASF), it is also possible to preset.
Faulty wiring of the cable will be considered.
If that occurs in irregular, so also is possible that you are under the influence of the noise, it is recommended to more than one data reading.